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Inspire Early Learners

Because a parent is a child's first and best teacher. Parents and caregivers are given tools to help prepare their children for success. A variety of children's programming builds crucial early literacy skills and a strong foundation for learning.


Enrich Lives

Because everyone deserves to learn, explore, and imagine. At College Depot, a free college access center, teens and adults access college planning services and support to accomplish high school, college, and career goals.


Grow The Economy

Because we need the next generation to have the critical thinking and problem solving skills to find successful employment, create jobs, and grow the economy. At MACH1, our makerspace, STEAM programs teach innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness. Entrepreneurs find the tools they need to start and grow their dream at StartUpPHX.


Just One small way Your Donations Help

The Phoenix Public Library Foundation ​supports Kindergarten Bootcamp, a year-round program that is the centerpiece of early learning initiatives in the City of Phoenix.​ ​Kindergarten Bootcamp gives parents tools, information, and activities to help prepare their children for school success in a fun, educational, and interactive setting. Bootcamp consists of seven, 1-hour sessions for children who are preparing to enter kindergarten. Under the guidance of an early literacy specialist, parents and caregivers work with their children on foundational skills which have been demonstrated to be the most important for both a successful kindergarten and school experience.

Capital Campaign

The Board and staff of the Phoenix Public Library Foundation have launched a capital campaign to bring exceptional preschool learning environments to all 17 Phoenix Public Library locations. The
initiative is a priority for the Phoenix Public Library and the Library Foundation because immersing children in rich, stimulating, and interactive environments supports school readiness skills.


More than just a fundraiser for Phoenix Public Library, Raise the Stacks is a much-anticipated annual event in support of literacy for Phoenix. This year the event is going VIRTUAL!

Sponsored by the Phoenix Public Library Foundation, this year’s Raise the Stacks will be held November 8-15, 2023! For more information visit the event website at:!

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